LDS Missions

LDS Missions are a time period when boys ( “Elders” ) and girls ( “Sisters” ) volunteer to sacrifice their time and energy for two years or eighteen months,  to follow Christ’s footsteps and serve people throughout the world, full time.

Ideally, they bring messages of faith, acts of service, and open hearts along with them  They do not choose where they go, only whether they go in the first place. Once they have volunteered, they are assigned a place to labor, (or “called to a mission,” because it is assigned by revelation). There, they spend every day out in the cities, villages, etc., asking people if they would like to hear the gospel—just in case someone needs it in their lives.

The idea is that, if you had something that was amazing and made your life better, you would want to share it with those you care about. This is our way of sharing the most beautiful thing we have—something that has shaped our lives completely.

My LDS mission began in August 2013 and will continue for eighteen months. I will be living in Japan, learning Japanese, and being pushed to my limits spiritually, emotionally, and (knowing my fitness level) physically.

And I’m recording it all here (well, I’m writing home and having someone else record it) so that my friends and family can read it.

And that is what this here blog is.

So I hope you enjoy it, or never read it, or whatever you want to do with it. I’ll try to be as coherent as I can and to write fairly regularly.





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